# Version 0.0.1

Today we are releasing the first version of Mech - v0.0.1. This is an extremely early alpha version of Mech, but it represents the first time we can show off some features like time-travel debugging and rendering the output of Mech code to arbitrary browser elements. Although this release has some useful features, they aren't yet documented; we'll focus on that in the next release. For now though, we'll go over what's included in v0.0.1, and introduce you to some of the unique features of the Mech programming language. [Read More]

# Hello World

Welcome to the inaugural post of the Mech language blog, where I will be documenting my work on the language as I go. In this first post, I will just talk a little about what the language is for, and where I’ll be taking it in the near future. You can also follow Mech’s development on Twitter (@MechLang) or by signing up for the mailing list. What’s Mech? I’m developing Mech as a domain specific language for a project I’m working on, the essence of which I hope will map to problems people would like to solve in general. [Read More]