Fall 2022 Update - Functions, Matrix Math and the road to v0.1

We share the progress made on Mech, highlighting improvements such as smaller binaries, new machines, syntax updates, and faster parsing. We also discuss Mech's involvement in educational outreach programs, our summer research group's efforts, and the roadmap for the upcoming v0.1-beta release, targeting an Fall deadline. [Read More]

Spring 2022 Update

We're just about at the halfway point on our schedule to launch the beta in October, so I think it's an appropriate time for an update, especially as we have some new eyeballs on the project. Somehow this post is longer than the last one which summarized 2 year's worth of work, so I guess that goes to show how much has been done this year so far! Let's dive into all the new enhancements that were added to Mech since January. [Read More]

Mech in 2021 - A year (or two) in review

Hello everyone and Happy New Year! Mech changed a lot in 2021 -- so much that it's almost ready for its first beta release in 2022. [Read More]

Forward Robotics

Mech as a language is taking steps towards the dynamic future of programming. But the future depends on today's youth. Forward Robotics is an extracirricular program for middle school students that will empower future programmers, doctors, and chefs alike. [Read More]

Version 0.0.2 - Documentation, Views, and the Inspector

Today we're happy to release Mech v0.0.2. This release has improvements for the language itself, but the focus was on documentation and notebook features. First, we've overhauled the notebook interface so that most components are rendered in Rust wasm instead of Javascript. Eventually we will move over to an interface entirely written in Mech. Second, we've rendered Mech documents in HTML, rather than plain text. This necessitated finishing the formatter for syntax highlighting. Finally, we have included a couple tools like an inspector and block views that will help programmers. Let's look at each of these new features. [Read More]

Version 0.0.1

Today we are releasing the first version of Mech - v0.0.1. This is an extremely early alpha version of Mech, but it represents the first time we can show off some features like time-travel debugging and rendering the output of Mech code to arbitrary browser elements. Although this release has some useful features, they aren't yet documented; we'll focus on that in the next release. For now though, we'll go over what's included in v0.0.1, and introduce you to some of the unique features of the Mech programming language. [Read More]

# Hello World

Welcome to the inaugural post of the Mech language blog, where I will be documenting my work on the language as I go. In this first post, I will just talk a little about what the language is for, and where I’ll be taking it in the near future. You can also follow Mech’s development on Twitter (@MechLang) or by signing up for the mailing list. What’s Mech? I’m developing Mech as a domain specific language for a project I’m working on, the essence of which I hope will map to problems people would like to solve in general. [Read More]